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excerpt from 'very braddock' {{ coming soon }}

from : VERY BRADDOCK - a smallish digestion of characteristics relating to 'freedom'.

...Braddock encourages online dissemination of all things.

Braddock believes that all people have a right to Free thought, Free expression, to write their opinions freely and to counter, utter, and write upon the opinions of others.
There is a difference between Free as in “Free Lunch” and Free as in “Liberated.”

Braddock believes "Free Wi Fi" is not an advertisement of services, but a political statement.

Braddock is not a concept. Braddock believes all things, hopes all things, has endured many things, and hopes to be able to endure all things. If there is anything principled or pleasing, Braddock seeks it.

Braddock is always available for consultation at the source (please email [email protected]),
so misinterpretations are unnecessary and will always be corrected.
A general policy of openness and light has been instated.
Braddock seeks to explore frontiers and to expand awareness of extraterrestrial Intelligence -- which is not only real, but necessary.

Braddock believes in reforming an adequate language by coining new words. Through this and other processes, Braddock applies principles that demand the existing relationship between human beings and the other animals be changed.

Braddock believes in an Afterlife...

MORE coming soon